Equity Bank

Equity Bank Overview

Equity Bank is a major bank in Kenya with operations in Uganda, South Sudan and Rwanda. It is listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange and commenced operations in 1984. It provides various banking services for customers savings including savings, fixed deposit and call accounts.... read more

Equity Bank Discussion

  • Q: What is the interest of a fixed deposit account in equity bank

    Reply Peter from Kenya
  • Q: how do you calcurate the interest rate of a fixed a/c?

    Reply joseph from Kenya
    • R: how to open fixed a/c and interest rate annually

      Reply patrick
  • Q: If I need a loan amounting to Ksh.500000 to buy a car and I have ksh.300000 in my bank account and I want to pay 25% if am offered the loan and then pay the remaining amount in installments, can I be offered a loan?

    Reply frank from Kenya

Equity Bank Discussion Activity

  • - Loans
    Q: Am an active member of equity bank and am interested in a car loan do i qualify.

    Reply DOCKINS APOLLO from Kenya
  • - Loans
    Q: I need to drive my own car. And I have no money in cash. Can I get aloan ? Am an active member of equity bank.

    Reply mercy from Kenya