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  • Q: What is the interest of a fixed deposit account in equity bank

    Reply Peter from Kenya
  • Q: how do you calcurate the interest rate of a fixed a/c?

    Reply joseph from Kenya
    • R: how to open fixed a/c and interest rate annually

      Reply patrick
  • Q: If I need a loan amounting to Ksh.500000 to buy a car and I have ksh.300000 in my bank account and I want to pay 25% if am offered the loan and then pay the remaining amount in installments, can I be offered a loan?

    Reply frank from Kenya

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  • - Loans
    Q: Am an active member of equity bank and am interested in a car loan do i qualify.

    Reply DOCKINS APOLLO from Kenya
  • - Loans
    Q: I need to drive my own car. And I have no money in cash. Can I get aloan ? Am an active member of equity bank.

    Reply mercy from Kenya